About Us

Who We Are

Since the year 2000, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has been providing small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in American Samoa the practical assistance they need to grow and prosper in today's economy. The Center is an advocate for small businesses and delivers services in counseling, training, and technical assistance. It is part of a close network of public and private business organizations, the major goals of which are the economic stability and growth of small businesses in the Territory.

A case study conducted in 2012 found that the SBDC was able to use government funds made available through the Small Business Jobs Act to assist 11 entrepreneurs by providing counseling, training, and technical assistance. These successfully launched new firms had a direct impact on jobs creation in American Samoa. The full report can be viewed here.

Policy Handbook 2014-2020

Our Vision

The American Samoa Small Business Development Center is committed to providing quality training and counseling that enables entrepreneurs and the business community to be successful builders and leaders in the Territory’s future.

The Center will cultivate the process of life-long learning by exploiting world class training materials and technology as tools that enhance human potential. We will empower clients and instructors to collaborate in the self-directed process of learning. Their work together will promote excellence and enrich our lives.

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Our Mission

The mission of the American Samoa Small Business Development Center (AS SBDC) network is to enhance economic growth and assist individuals in American Samoa by developing entrepreneurial skills among small businesses and the broader community through counseling, training, research, advocacy and other resources and activities.

Our primary goals

The primary goals of American Samoa Small Business Development Center network is to create a broad-based system of assistance for the small business community by linking the resources of federal, state, and local governments with the resources of the educational community and the private sector. Through a cooperative agreement, the Small Business Administration provides general management, oversight, technical assistance and funding support to the American Samoa SBDC program. Through coordinated efforts with the national SBA network and partnership agreements with local and off-island business entities, service providers, government agencies and educational institutions, the American Samoa SBDC program delivers appropriate training, counseling and technical assistance to the local small business community and contributes to entrepreneurs starting up new businesses to enable them to be competitive in the marketplace and to assist existing businesses to be economically viable. Within this framework, the underlying goal is to achieve a high customer satisfaction rate.

Our objectives

To meet these goals, the objectives of the American Samoa SBDC network are designed to:

  • Solicit input and participation of the local community
  • Identify and coordinate available resources
  • Develop and provide informational tools for pre-business start-up planning
  • Establish partnership agreements with potential service providers and end users
  • Develop and coordinate the delivery of business training courses
  • Furnish counseling, training, and technical assistance
  • Develop and implement business incubators
  • Provide ASCC students the opportunity to develop hands-on business and training skills
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction rate as determined through surveys