How To Find Right Color For Your Roof

Coloring your home is a significant investment. It costs you from hundred dollars to thousand dollars. So always do your proper research whenever you plan to color your roof or recolor the existing color. It would help if you always kept in mind that the color you choose complements your roof.

You should narrow down your options list related to lighting, Exterior of your house, architectural design of your home. You should look at the color theory of how colors complement each other so you can make a better decision. 

Choosing a perfect color for your roof that complements your roof is a tricky task.

Here are some of the factors you should consider before finding the right color for your roof.

Roof material:

Tiles or shingles, whatever you want on your roof, always sample test them before making a final decision. For example, never choose the color of tiles online because the color may differ online. Instead, bring a small sample of the roof material at home and test it during day and night time in a different light.

This technique will help in finding the right shade color for your roof. You will observe that the sample of the color that looks good online is not what you prefer in person.

Light color roofing:

Light color roofing helps keep the house cool. If you choose light color shingles for your roof, they will keep your house cool in hot weather. Light color shingles also prevent the growth of algae or any fungus.

Dark color roofing:

The dark color absorbs heat. Dark color roofing is good only in countries that have freezing weather. A combination of dark colors grey brown-green will help.

Color selection according to environment codes:

A professional can guide you on the color code for your roof according to your area. For example, if you are in countries that require 24 hours ventilation, light color shingles will suit you. Light colors are available in a variety of shades. In California-like areas, dark color shingles suit.

Explore new color options:

If you decide to change your roof shingles, experiment with new colors. Color selection expresses your personality style. Select a color for your roof shingles that express your style. Go for Classic light colors and beige tones if you like them. If you prefer high contrast, bold colors, choose them.

Communicate with your contractor about your ideas:

Never hesitate to discuss something new or different with your contractor. For example, you can have different color style sizes of your roof shingles. If you are bored of your old color and want to bring something interesting to your roof, you can ask your contractor. You can discuss a different color theme that you have in your mind or you saw online.

You can discuss your budget with your instructor and he will suggest the best options available. You should ask your roof contractor to show you a sample of colors that you saw online to have a better idea about colors.

Impact of lighting:

The color of tiles or shingles you select for your roof should look good in every lighting. For this purpose, you should check them in the daylight, in the evening, at night to check whether it looks good or not.

Some colors look good in daylight and not in the dark so, always choose your colors wisely and contact your roof contractor. They will help you in making the right decision.

Choose complementary colors:

Some people try to match the color of the roof with the siding and bricks of their house. The whole house look-alike does not seem attractive. Always choose colors that add dimension to your roof. Choose colors that complement each other. Everything with the same color scheme looks monotonous.

Always seek professional help while choosing colors.

Consider resale while choosing color:

If you plan to Saling your house any time, soon think wisely before choosing a color. In such a case, go for classic neutral colors that everyone likes. On the other hand, never go for too bold color because, in most cases, buyers like the internal architecture of the house but back out due to the roof. So, choose colors accordingly.

Conclusion: Choosing a color for your roof is not an easy task. It would help if you kept some of the factors in your mind before making any decision. Always go for professional help. They can guide you properly. The architecture, environmental factor, lighting factor, and budget are some basics that you should consider. Never choose your color online.