How to paint your roof effectively

The roof of the house is one of the most noticeable things. The roof is a part of the house that shows the maintenance of the house. We have to focus on all the minor wear and tears of the house. The roof of the house requires regular renovation. The roof shows the strength and stability of the house. The roof is considered the foundation of the house. The roof's paint should be done in a way that compliments the whole look of the house. The roof of the house is a part that is in direct contact with the environment. Sun heavy rains, Strom directly damage the roof. Most people left the roof untreated due to unwanted fungus and left growing on the roof.

Proper painting is essential to protect the roof from harmful UV rays. If painting is done correctly, it will save your roof from major damage and provide insulation. Frequent painting and re-touch-up of paint are quite expensive. If painting is done correctly, it will save money and time.

Following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while painting your roof effectively.

Proper inspection of the roof before painting:

Before painting any interior or exterior of the roof, it is essential to inspect the roof correctly. If any damage or any leakage is found, proper maintenance is required. It should be done first. If inspection is not done correctly, it delays the procedure or requires recoating.

Professionals can do the inspection, or you can do it yourself. In the roof's interior, any water damage mold can be found. Professionals should treat it before painting. The exterior of the roof might have damaged shingles or any fungal growth. It is advised to use zinc or lead control strips Before painting for the best results.

Cleaning of the roof:

After the inspection is done correctly and the damage is repaired, the next step is to clean the roof correctly. In the cleaning process, remove any unwanted growth and clean dirt, dust, and mold growth. If painting is done without cleaning, the mold grows under the new paint, which will damage the paint.

Proper cleaning and sterilization of the roof are essential for smooth paint application. In addition, the paint will be more durable if proper cleaning is done before painting.

Application of sealant:

Professional painters always apply sealant before painting. It will save the roof from extreme weather conditions. In addition, sealant applications increase the durability of the paint and protect the roof from severe weather.

The tiles or shingles on the roof absorb more paint than the other surface. If the sealant is applied correctly, it absorbs less paint. Sealant provides the following benefits to the roof

·         UV protection

·         Fire resistant

·         Waterproof

·         Provide insulation to the roof.

 Right coating of roof:

There is a major difference between coating and painting. Painting is done to improve the aesthetics of the roof outlook. The coating saves the roof from external damage like UV radiations, heavy rainfalls, and storms. The coating is usually thicker than paint.

Coating provides strength to the paint. The coating increases the durability of the roof painting and provides a neat finish to the paint. The standard coating available in the market is acrylic, asphalt, silicone, and polyurethane.

Selection of proper painting method:

When the coating is done, the next step is to select the type of paint you want to invest in. Again, there are a lot of methods for painting. Professionals will recommend the type of method that will suit your roof. But, again, you should consult your painter for the best option for your roof.

The methods commonly used for roof painting are 

·         Paintbrush

·         Roller paint

·         Spray paint

The method of painting will depend on the condition of your roof.

Types of roof paints:

Paint selection is different according to the customers’ requirements and the roof’s condition. The texture of your roof will decide which type of paint will suit your roof. Professional painters can guide you about the type of paint.

Commonly available paints in the market are

  •         Oil-based paints
  •         Water-based paints
  •         Anti-corrosive paints


The preparation of the roof before painting is essential to get maximum results. If you want your paint to be highly durable, you should consult the professional about the roof’s condition first and repair any damage. Then invest in good quality paint and method of painting according to your roof texture requirement.